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A piece of Branford's history
brought to you by a former resident of Branford, Tim Brockett via his personal web site, TimsLife.Com
In July of 2003 I was inspired by an editorial in the Branford Review that queried in regards to an upcoming Army Corps of Engineers public hearing about the Islander East natural gas pipeline proposal "Who knows...maybe the Corps will also hear from citizens who are not against the pipeline being built. Now wouldn't that make for an interesting night?". I responded to the challenge and created Branford Pipeline.Com with the intent of exploring both sides of the issue and finding ways our community could benefit from progress. I suggested that we build a 4 mile linear park along the pipeline route which would connect with many existing parks and trails. Branford Pipeline.Com changed minds and help to win many victories over the years. Unfortunately the opposition finally succeeded in finding a judge who denied the final required permit to Islander East. The promise of a linear park died along with the pipeline. The battle was worth the effort though and I hope someday the good people of Branford receive their park and natural gas pipeline.
Welcome to the archived edition of Branford Pipeline.Com
We believe that the Islander East proposal to build a natural gas pipeline along side the Branford Steam Railroad tracks, is a thoughtfully conceived and well designed project. It presents many opportunities and benefits for the citizens of Branford and our neighbors across the Sound. Our purpose at Branford Pipeline.Com is to present a view less biased of the pipeline, based upon facts, and sprinkled just lightly enough with opinions, to keep things interesting. We have tried to take a difficult subject and explain it thoroughly in terms that a everyday person can understand. Our wish is that our site helps people make an informed decision on the merits of the Islander East Pipeline.

Timothy Brockett is the author of Branford Pipeline.Com and a lifelong resident of Branford, Connecticut. The Branford Pipeline.Com site is not affiliated with or funded by, Islander East or any energy related company. We accept full responsibility for the facts and opinions expressed within our site.

We hope you enjoy our site and come back often. As the Islander East project moves forward we will bring you updated information and progress reports.

Thank-you for visiting Branford Pipeline.Com
Click on the underlined text to:
  • Learn about the Islander East pipeline proposal approved by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Read more by clicking on the underlined text...
  • Read about the Islander East natural gas pipeline proposal and follow the route through Branford on detailed USGS topographical maps.
  • Learn what natural gas is, were it comes from and how it gets to Branford.
  • Discover how the Islander East pipeline proposal could benefit the people of Branford with: cleaner air, increased grassland bird species, and a four mile nature trail that could allow the Branford Land Trust to increase its holdings.
  • Read a series of Letters to the Editor of the Branford Review between Branford Pipeline.Com and representatives of the Branford Land Trust regarding our nature trail proposal.
  • Hear the arguments voiced by the pipeline critics and learn why we think they are wrong.
  • Why does Democratic New York Senator Charles Schumer support the pipeline and agree with Republican Connecticut Governor Rowland and President Bush?
  • Discover why the elected representatives of our neighbors on Long Island strongly believe that the pipeline is essential to their future and can be constructed while protecting the environment.
  • Learn why New York Senator Hillary Clinton thinks the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection is wrong to deny Islander East a permit and why she wants the Department of Commerce to overrule the Connecticut DEP.
  • Find out just what FERC is and what they do. You may be surprised.
  • Visit an extensive Links page that will help you find out everything you ever wanted to know about natural gas and pipelines that safely deliver it to us.
  • Easily contact your elected officials and let them know what you think and how you feel about the Islander East pipeline proposal.
  • Share your thoughts with us by e-mail and help make Branford Pipeline.Com a more informative site.

This website is built and maintained by Timothy Brockett.
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