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After a long hiatus Tim has returned to writing. Why? Because it brings him happiness. A new section under Travel chronicles Tim's "Pursuit of Happiness" that Thomas Jefferson included as an "inalienable right" in the Declaration of Independence.

September 18, 2019 - Browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and others have changed how they display older web pages. As a result, many of Tims Life pages appeared "broken"; they lacked a uniform style, were missing buttons and some images. All of the pages are fixed and should be displayed normally. If you find any that have issues please let me know.

The original 2005/2006 Branford Bike online catalog is back on the web and officially part of Tim's history. Browse the 250+ page catalog to read about what was hot for pro bike riders in 2005. All the original tech articles were preserved.

When Tim started to write articles for his blogging site, TimsLife.com, he created static pages coded in HTML. Gradually the pages were upgraded with new HTML code and are now being converted to static PHP. Php pages load faster, are easier to update, offer greater user interactivity, and are search engine friendly. All the PHP coding was completed as of April 2nd, 2019.

Arizona Vacation in March of 2019 Escaping record snow and cold in Montana Tim heads to sunny Arizona with his newly converted cargo trailer/tin tent.

Mexico! Tim heads for the Mexican border in March of 2017.

Page 42 of the fire and rebuilding story continues with "Rhythms of Life" in the spring of 2010. I wrote this in February of 2015. As you may surmise I have been very busy with life which I assure you are going well!

Page 41 of the fire and rebuilding story continues with "Winter is Wonderful in Montana" in the winter of 2009/2010. I wrote this in February of 2013 and will do my best to add more pages before the warm spring weather lures me out of doors and holds me fast until the autumn snowstorms.

I am still alive and doing well! Thank you to all who emailed and asked when the next Tims Life pages were coming. Soon, just after I finish my taxes in early April.
Two years ago I started a new business. At first, I built websites but soon branched into selling books. Business is brisk but snow still blankets the ground here in the high mountains of Montana. So I will have time to add a few new pages to Tims Life and bring everyone up to date. Thanks again for visiting.
March 1, 2012.

Page 40 of the fire and rebuilding story continues with "Easing Into Winter" in the fall of 2009.

Page 39 of the fire and rebuilding story continues with "Good fences make for good neighbors" in the summer of 2009.

Family History. Learn about the Brockett family in 1637 when John traveled from England to help carve three cities from the savage wilderness that today are home to more than one million people.

Page 38 of the fire and rebuilding story continues with "Rebirth, renewal and the joy of spring" in April and May of 2009.

Page 37 of the fire and rebuilding story continues with "Counting my blessings during a quiet and peaceful winter in Montana" written in March of 2009.

TimsLife.Com is getting new photos, a new layout and updated copy on every page! The entire site is currently being rewritten and redesigned. An internal Google search engine, new layout, larger and crisper photos and updated and new copy should make your navigation easier and visits more enjoyable. Check out your favorite pages and discover what is new. Be sure to hit your reload button to see the latest changes on each page. The project started in December of 2008.

Page 5 of the Family Events section features Billy and Eileen's move to Maine in March of 2005. Written in December of 2008.

Page 9 of the Family Events section features the second half of a road trip with Mom to visit my brother Terry and his wife Pam at their cottage in beautiful Casco, Maine. July 2008.

Page 34 of the fire and rebuilding story continues with "Greek Gods and Goddesses" in July and August of 2008.

Share your thoughts with Tim and other readers about individual web pages at TimsLife.Com. Simply write your thoughts in the new text boxes found at the end of every web page. All comments will be read by Tim and posted within 24 hours. Come back often to read your comments and see what other readers think.

Visit the town I grew up in and eventually moved away from in favor of living in Emigrant, Montana.

Visit some of my college classes at Montana State University (MSU) in Bozeman, Montana.

Ads by Google now adorn many pages at TimsLife.Com. The ads are automatically selected by Google to compliment the content of our pages. When readers click on an ad, and view pages on the advertiser's site, Google credits our account which helps defray the costs of maintaining our web site.

The Branford Bike Fire and rebuilding story continues on my personal web site; TimsLife.Com.

Montana's Big Sky will soothe your soul and may leave you feeling like you are on top of the world. Collected photos shot mostly from my front deck from September 2005 to May 2006.

Fair Weather Friends herald the coming of spring at my home in the woods in May 2006.

Saturday's Storm created a beautiful rainbow and a breathtaking sunset on May 20th, 2006

Family Tree Our Family Tree and contact information. New family photos added in July of 2008

Moving to Montana In July 2005 I bid a sad adieu to family and friends in Branford and seek a new life in Montana.

Westward Bound! The August 2004 adventure starts in Salt Lake City with a visit to Samantha and her daughter Cierra.

Lake Wyola Mother and Tim visit Lake Wyola and the old family cottage in June 2004 on the way back from Megan's High School graduation.

I just started to produce pages for my personal web site on June 14th, 2002. This is a hobby and I will be adding more pages soon.

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