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Landowners who do not pay their assessments are in essence borrowing money from the GLA, which is obligated to provide services to everyone. I support all efforts to right this injustice and collect the approximately $144,000.00 in outstanding assessments, penalties and interest that is owed by a handful of landowners. I also understand that times are difficult and advocate establishing a voluntary contribution fund to assist our neighbors who need temporary help to fulfill their assessment obligation.

The Glastonbury Landowner’s Association (GLA) is faced with their most severe financial crisis to ever descend upon our community. If the GLA were a business it would be bankrupt. Total debts owed to the GLA exceed the yearly budget and are increasing daily. People who have chosen not to honor their financial obligations to our community continue to receive services promised by the Glastonbury Covenants while enjoying the extra money in their pockets. Some of the debts have remained uncollected for almost 20 years and have grown so large that landowners may have to sell their property to meet their obligations.
Lawsuits filed against the board have cost almost $26,000.00 as of October, 2012. The gracious settlement of one suit simply emboldened the filing of another and threats to file a fourth. To read more about our financial crisis > > >

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