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Clothing Care Products
Use Cafe Suds
Cafe Suds - Sports Clothing Cleaner
Our favorite for hand or machine washing all delicate or synthetic sports clothing. Safe and gentle; will not damage fabrics or fiber coatings like regular detergents or wool washes. Helps to maintain and protect the elasticity of Lycra clothing. Ideal for HE (High Efficiency) washing machines.
Cafe Suds cleans fabrics deeply and thoroughly. Fabric perspiration transport is maximized so you stay cooler and more comfortable. Unique low sudsing and clean rinsing formula is especially kind to brightly colored fabrics and cycling chamois. Leaves a soft, soap free, surface next to your skin. PH neutral and hypo-allergenic too; ideal for sensitive skin.
Anti-bacterial; kills germs on contact and prevents odors. Light and pleasant, fresh mint scent.
One quart (32 ounce or 960 ml) bottle does up to 16 loads. The two quart (64 ounces or 1.86 liters) size does up to 32 loads while the economical four quart (128 ounces or 3.2 liters) size does up to 64 loads If hand washing use one cap full per 1.5 gallons ( 5 liters ) of lukewarm, 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 degrees Celsius, water.
Environmentally friendly and 100% bio-degradable. Proudly made in the USA.
Cafe Chamois Cream
Ride longer and with greater comfort than ever before. Simply apply this hypo-allergenic creme to your synthetic or natural chamois before each ride. Softens your chamois, prevents chafing, and protects you from saddle sores or bacterial infection. Contains both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents. Safe and gentle; may be applied directly to your skin. Non-greasy and stain free; easily washes off with soap and water. Safe for all shorts and chamois. Natural pleasant scent, no fragrances added. Widely used by thousands of riders for over a decade. Our favorite chamois creme. We highly recommend it. Convenient 4 ounce or extra large 8 ounce jar. Made in the USA.

Cafe Chamois Cream
ASSS Chamois Cream
ASSOS Chamois Cream
A smooth white cream that you can apply to your natural or synthetic chamois. Softens the chamois and prevents chafing. Non-greasy and non-staining formula easily washes out when the shorts are laundered. Safe for all shorts and chamois. Convenient 4 ounce jar. Made in Switzerland.
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Our Price
CA-PC-LD Cafe Suds Sports Clothing Cleaner,1 Quart Bottle $12.00 $9.88 $2.12
CA-PC-LD2 Cafe Suds Sports Clothing Cleaner,2 Quart Bottle $20.00 $17.88 $2.12
CA-PC-LD4 Cafe Suds Sports Clothing Cleaner,4 Quart Bottle $35.00 $29.88 $5.12
CA-CC-4 Cafe Chamois Cream 4 Ounce Jar $14.00 $11.88 $2.12
CA-CC-8 Cafe Chamois Cream 8 Ounce Jar $24.00 $19.88 $5.12
AS-CC-4 ASSOS Chamois Cream 4 Ounce Jar $20.00 $16.88 $3.12
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