Branford Bike Online Catalog - Archival Edition
brought to you by the former owner of Branford Bike, Tim Brockett via his personal web site, TimsLife.Com
This is an archival edition of the Branford Bike web site from February 2006. Complete with product photos, prices, how to articles and technical specifications it is a treasure trove of accurate, detailed and historical information. Most of the products are no longer available but if you see something you would like, please contact the new owner of Branford Bike, Rodd Wagner via

Branford Bike was a huge part of my life for over 30 years. I enjoyed those years tremendously and Branford Bike was often a labor of love. I hope you enjoy browsing through the archival catalog. If your visit brings back pleasant memories please share them with me via e-mail at
Tim Brockett
Branford Bike - Started in June, 1976 Branford Bike
129 Sagittarius Skyway, PO Box 1711, Emigrant, MT 59027 USA
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Bicycle Repair Stands
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Page 1 - Park Professional Bicycle Repair Stands

PRS - 2 OS Double Arm * PRS - 3 OS Single Arm

Page 2 - Park Home Bicycle Repair Stands

Park PRS-5 Folding Repair Stand * Park PCS-4 Deluxe Home Repair Stand

Park PCS-1 Home Repair Stand

Park PCS-9 Home Repair Stand

Page 3 - Park Bench/Wall Mount Bicycle Repair Stands

Park PRS-4 OS Bench Mount Repair Stand

Park PRS-4 W Wall Mount Repair Stand

Park PRS-7 Bench Mount Repair Stand

Park PCS-2 Bench Mount Home Repair Stand

Page 4 - Park Bicycle Repair Stand Accessories

Park Tool Holders - Kaddie and Tray

Park Internal Seat Tube Clamp

Park Handlebar Holder

Park Repair Stand Stool

Park Wheel Truing Attachment

Page 5 - Park Bicycle Repair Stand Clamps and Parts

Park PCS Stand Clamp Assemblies

Park PRS StandClamp Assemblies

Park Multi-Use Oversize Clamp

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Featuring Park Wheel Truing Stands and More!

Branford Bike Catalog
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Featuring Park Repair Stands
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