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This is an archival edition of the Branford Bike web site from February 2006. Complete with product photos, prices, how to articles and technical specifications it is a treasure trove of accurate, detailed and historical information. Most of the products are no longer available but if you see something you would like, please contact the new owner of Branford Bike, Rodd Wagner via

Branford Bike was a huge part of my life for over 30 years. I enjoyed those years tremendously and Branford Bike was often a labor of love. I hope you enjoy browsing through the archival catalog. If your visit brings back pleasant memories please share them with me via e-mail at
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Park Wheel Truing Stands
Also see our selection of Park Work Stands
TS-2 Stand Professional Wheel Truing Stand TS-2
The Park TS-2 Professional Truing Stand is the jig to choose for heavy shop or home use. Quickly and easily accepts wheels from 16 to 28 inches, with or without the tire removed. Both axle-holding upright fork blades move simultaneously, always centering the wheel hub with the calipers, regardless of the hub width. Calipers and caliper arm are spring-loaded to prevent jamming with badly out-of-true wheels. Made of heavy chrome plated steel with nylon bushings at pivot points. Can be bench-mounted or vise-held. If a forward or backward tilt is desired, use with the Park Truing Stand Tilting Base TSB-2. The most widely used truing stand ever made. For precision work, the Park TS-2 should be used with the Park WAG-4 Professional Wheel Alignment Gauge (pictured below).

TL-70-85 Park TS-2 Truing stand $169.88
T Gauge for aligning wheel forks with rim feelers $49.88
TS-2 Rebuild and Upgrade kit - includes a main shaft, bearings, washers, collars, bushings, springs and detailed instructions. $49.88

TSB-2 Truing Stand Tilting Base
This base for the Park TS-2 wheel truing jig, allows for adjustment of the truing stand 20 degrees forward or backward for more comfortable use at any bench or mechanic height. Bin corners are rounded to make small parts easier to retrieve. Holes are provided for mounting to your workbench or other surfaces for greater stability.

TL-70-84 Adjustable base for Park TS-2 stand $29.88

TS-2 Base
Park TS-7 Stand

TS-7 Home Mechanic Wheel Truing Stand
The TS-7 is a high quality truing stand designed specifically for the home mechanic. Constructed from heavy gauge steel, the TS-7 allows extremely accurate and reliable wheel truing at an economical price. Dishing (centering) is performed using the WAG-3 portable wheel dishing tool (shown below), and is included with the stand. The TS-7 can be used on almost any wheel size or hub width and can be used freestanding or bolted to a bench for extra stability.

TL-70-91 TS-7 home truing stand $69.88

Wheel Building Tools
Park WAG-4
Park Professional Wheel Alignment Gauge WAG-4
This tool is a quick, easy way to check the correct offset on front or rear hubs. The Wheel Alignment Gauge can be used on wheel sizes 16 to 28 inches, either on or off the bike. The positive, screw-operated indicator cannot accidently move when set. The wide feet of the Wheel Alignment Gauge make it easy to get accurate readings even with knobby tires.

TL-82-56 Park WAG-4 Dishing tool $44.88
Park Wag-3

Park Portable Wheel Dishing Gauge WAG-3
The WAG-3 accurately checks the dish, or offset, on all 26, 27 inch, and 700C wheels. Measurements are taken comparing one side of the wheel to the other to determine if the rim is in the center of the hub. Easily disassembles to fit into most tool boxes. Perfect for the race or home mechanic who wishes to quickly check wheel alignment. However for the most accurate readings of all sizes wheels, on or off the bike, use the WAG-4 Professional Wheel Alignment Gauge.

TL-71-87 Park WAG-3 folding dishing tool $24.88

Park Spoke Tension Gauge
The key to wheels that are strong and reliable is having spokes that are properly and uniformly tensioned. The TM-1 Tension Meter accurately and reliably measures the absolute tension of each of the spokes in a wheel, as well as the relative tension between all the spokes in a wheel. Easy to use and priced affordably, the TM-1 works on nearly any bicycle spoke-no matter what the diameter, material, or shape. Not just for the experienced mechanic, the TM-1 is for anyone building or truing wheels, diagnosing wheel problems, or assembling new bikes. The TM-1 includes a spoke gauge for measure the diameter of the common spokes, and a tension conversion table for 16 different spokes, including titanium and carbon. It's a tool that belongs on every workbench. NOTE: The TM-1 requires approximately 105mm (4 1/8-inch) of accessible spoke to read.

TL-74-26 Park TM-1 Spoke Tension Gauge $64.88

Park TM-1
Park Wheel Tools
Park Spoke Wrenches

Park Spoke Wrenches
Professional quality, precision-sized spoke wrenches are hardened and chrome plated for long service. Park Tool Spoke Wrenches are vinyl coated in one of five colors indicating the size at a glance.
SW-0 (Black) For 80 gauge -- .127 nipple (DT Swiss spokes)
SW-1 (Green) For 80 gauge -- .130 nipple (other European spokes)
SW-2 (Red) For 80 gauge -- .136 nipple (Japanese spokes)
SW-3 (Blue) For 105 gauge -- .156 nipple (Tandem & BMX spokes)
SW-4 (Yellow) For 120 gauge -- .193 nipple (Tandem & BMX spokes)

TL-70-7(color) Park spoke wrenches $5.88ea

Park SW-10 Adjustable Spoke Wrench
The Park SW-10 Adjustable Spoke Wrench helps remove tight, stubborn or rounded nipples. Hardened, chrome plated investment casting lends exceptional strength and durability. Fits any of the 80 gauge sizes listed above for SW-0 through SW-2.

TL-72-89 SW-10 adjustable spoke wrench $39.88
Park SW-10
Wiha Spoke Nipple Driver for Campagnolo Factory Built Wheels
  • To tighten or loosen Campagnolo's current 5 mm nipples that are used on their black rims, we suggest ordering the Wiha 5 mm, long shaft, screw driver handle nut driver. The part number is TL-80-30 and they are $12.88 each.
    For pre-1999 Campagnolo spokes which are used on their silver rims, we suggest using the 5.5 mm Wiha nut driver. The part number is TL-80-31 and they are also $12.88 each.
Wiha Nut Driver
for Campy Spoke Nipples

Wiha Nut Driver

Park Spoke Ruler, Bearing, and Cotter Gauge

This exceptionally handy tool is ideal for sizing spokes, ball bearings and crank cotters. To use, just hang the head of the spoke in the oblong hole and read its length on the scale. For crank cotters and ball bearings it works just like a gauge for drill bits. Spoke lengths are in both metric and fractional inch markings. Made of anodized aluminum with embossed markings to allow easy reading and long life.

TL-70-66 Park SBC-1 Spoke ruler $7.88ea

Park Super Patch Kit GP-2
NEW AND IMPROVED MATERIAL! Parks revolutionary GP-1 Glueless Patch is now the GP-2 Super Patch and it's better than ever. This new patch combines better adhesion and an all new super stretchy film that flexes, twists, and turns right along with the tube. With the help of 3M technology the new GP-2 makes it easier than ever to patch tubes with no glue, and no mess. Lightly rough the tube with the included sandpaper, clean, apply the patch, and you're ready to go. Six patches with sandpaper in a neat little carry along box. Available individually carded (GP-2C) or in a handy, money saving, 50 kit carton for team or club use.

PK-70-54 Box of 6 patches $2.88

Wheelsmith Spoke Prep
Lightly coat the threads of your spokes with Wheelsmith Spoke Prep before lacing. Your wheels will be easier to build, last longer and require less overall maintenance. We use it on all of the wheels we build and strongly recommend it. One 7.5 ml bottle coats 500 spokes. Comes in two colors so you can keep spoke sizes separate.

LU-15-00 Two 15ml bottles of Spoke Prep $34.88pr

DT Spoke Freeze
Developed in conjunction with Loctite. Simply apply a few drops to your completely assembled wheel via the spoke nipples. Rapidly penetrates the threads and forms a strong, yet flexible bond. Prevents spokes from unwinding or loosening. Allows for up to five trues without a reapplication. 20 ml drip spout bottle does 300 spokes.

LU-70-20A One 20 ml bottle $24.88
Save More! LU-70-20
Two 20 ml bottles $39.88

Spoke Tying Wire
Tying and soldering spokes is an old secret of the European Pros. Just wrap 5 to 8 turns of this ultra fine and strong wire around the last cross your spokes make before they enter your rim. Then, using electrical solder and an iron, secure them. You will sprint faster, corner sharper and climb better than ever before.

TL-19-20A Enough for 2 wheels $4.88
Save More! TL-19-20
Enough for 20 wheels $39.88

Park Tire Boot

Park Emergency Tire Boot
Cut, scraped, and even worn sidewalls can easily and securely be patched using the Park TB-1 Tire Boot. The TB-1 is made with a thin, extra tough film that will withstand the most demanding conditions on the road or trail until the tire can be replaced. To use, simply peel off the protective backing and position the TB-1 inside the tire casing over the cut or worn area. A super strong adhesive using 3M technology keeps the TB-1 in position while reinstalling the tire and tube. There's no easier or more effective way to boot a cut or worn tire. We always carry one as inexpensive insurance.

PK-70-58 Pack of 3 boots $3.88

Park Irons & Patches

Park Tire and Tube Repair Kit
Park's very popular GP-2 Super Patch Kit and TL-1 Tire Levers are packaged together as a kit. Three Tire Levers and a box with six patches and one piece of sandpaper. Don't leave home without it!

TL-73-53 6 patches & 3 tire levers $4.88

Park Wheel Tools
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